Do you easily let the easiest plant die? Or do you have a toilet, bathroom or other room with little light? Then the fake cacti of are really something for you. Beautiful fake cacti in different forms in a beautiful pot. You never have to water or repot a fake cactus and some fake cacti just flower throughout the year. Ideal right? Select your fake cactus here and put it in your cactus bag.


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  • Fake it green
    Fake it green

    Fake it greenWith this beautiful trio of fake cacti from Ihaveacactus you will be ready in one go. The fake cacti are in a square white pot with rounded corners. The height of the fake cactus is 14 cm.A fake cactus is ideal when…

    € 12,95 € 9,95
  • Fleeky fake
    Fleeky fake

    Fleeky fake Do you want to enjoy your flowering cactus all year round? Then these beautiful flowering fake cacti are the deal for you. The fake cactus stand in a round white pot and you can choose from a fake cactus with a…

    € 8,95 € 5,95
  • Fake it till you make it
    Fake it till you make it

    Fake it till you make it ​Beautiful fake cactus in a white round 9.5 cm pot. Ihaveacactus has three types of fake cacti from these naturally-married cacti. You can choose from a bulb cactus, leaf cactus and column cactus.A fake…

    € 12,95 € 9,95
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