Cacti and succulents plants are sustainable products. There are even cactus and succulent species that can live longer than humans. With the right care you buy a cactus or succulent plant as a friend for life. When delivering sustainable products, you can't ignore the sustainability in the needed processes.

Packing material

Cardboard boxes can easily be used multiple times. It is a shame that these are often thrown away after using them once. The boxes in which we ship our cacti and succulents are all reused boxes. For example, it may be that your cacti are packed in a box that used to contain baked bread. We receive our boxes from a local restaurant, Installation company and family and friends who save all their boxes for us.

We also try to use as little plastic as possible when packaging. We use newspapers as filling material. These are nevertheless thrown away after reading and now have another purpose. Unfortunately, completely plastic packaging is not yet possible. Large cacti and pots are wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them during transport.


It can always be more sustainable and perhaps there are ways we have not yet thought of. We are open for suggestions so if you have one feel free too contact us.

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