Canceling your order

Orders can be canceled until the plants or other product are packed. To cancel your order just send an e-mail to with and reference to your order number. We will contact you within 24 hours. If the product has not been sent to you we will refund the purchase amount within 7 days.

Fresh from the greenhouse

Each cactus, succulent or other plant will be sent to you from our greenhouses! When you receive your cactus, chances are that the cactus was still in the greenhouse the day before. Our cacti are home grown or personally selected by other growers. This way we always know what quality we send and you always get fresh and healthy plants.

Delivery guarantee

We take every possible care in sending our products. Do the plants arrived damaged? Send us a photo and explanations of the damage and we will see what the best option is: exchange or compensate.


Has your cactus got a disease over time? Will the cactus become less beautiful? Will the cactus die completely die? There is a good chance that your cactus is not in the right place or does not get the right amount of water or nutrition. In most cases this can be traced back to the care. Therefore, contact if you see anything strange about your cactus. In many cases we can advise you, so that you can fully enjoy your cactus afterwards.

Did your cactus die in a short time? Then offers you a discount on the next cactus that you buy from us. A 100% guarantee is not possible because the care cannot be checked. Cacti remain living plants. To be eligible for warranty, we would like to receive a photo of the cactus and the order number. The discount depends on how quickly the cactus died.

Complaints procedure will do everything to prevent complaints. If you are still not satisfied, we advise you to first make your complaints known to us by emailing Within 2 days after receiving the complaint, you will receive a response with an answer to your complaint. Then you can submit your complaint to the Disputes Committee via the European ODR Platform.



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