Shipping your plants takes care off the shipping of your newly ordered cactus. We hear you thinking, how do you send such a spiky, with sometimes impossible shapes to pack, but also fragile cactus?

The cacti are sent in sturdy cardboard boxes and are delivered to your home by a parcel deliverer. Basically like any other online order. The cacti are sent including soil and plastic pots so that you don't have to start repotting your purchase right away at home. Your package leaves our greenhouse you get an email with the trace information of the parcel.

Then there is the danger of a spine fight between the cacti when you have ordered several, and they are sitting together in the cardboard box. To prevent damage that the cacti can cause to each other, the cacti are wrapped in newspaper or sometimes in plastic bubble wrap. The spines of a cactus don't get through this, which is very handy!

After this, the cacti in the box are filled with foam balls or plastic air cushions so that they do not shake back and forth in the box and are protected for transport during the journey to your destination.

In the unlikely event that something went wrong with the shipment and your plants, please contact as soon as possible, and we will resolve this!

Shipping costs

In the Netherlands the shipping costs are €5.95. Orders above €40 are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Belgium are €7.50. Orders above €80 are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Denmark are €12.75. Orders above €125 are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Germany are €7.75. Orders above €100, - are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Poland are €18,-. Orders above €200, - are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Sweden are €17.25. Orders above €200, - are shipped free.

The shipping costs to France are €12.50. Orders above €125 are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Italy are €13.75. Orders above €150, - are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Luxembourg are €10.25. Orders above €110, - are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Austria are €12.75. Orders from €125 are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Spain are €14.50. Orders above €125, - are shipped free.

The shipping costs to Portugal are €16,-. Orders above €175, - are shipped free.

The shipping costs to United Kingdom are €20

The shipping costs to Ireland are €16.95

The shipping costs to Greece are €23.75

Delivery times

Once we received your payment, we will process and ship your order within 2 working days, except weekend and public holidays. An option in the ordering process, you can indicate a desired delivery date.

Delivery of your cacti
You will receive a message from with a track & trace code when the order is shipped. Orders in the Netherlands and Belgium will be delivered on the next working day. The delivery time to the other European country differs per country. You can see the delivery time on this page for your country.   | Click Here |

Delayed delivery times

Product isn't stock
If the cactus, pot or other accessory is not available on time, I will contact you with the cactus. We will propose a later delivery date, return your money or offer an alternative.

Busy parcel delivery service
By some event the delivery times can be delay and take longer than usual. is not liable for any delays during the transport of PostNL and her partner companies.

Night frost
The most cacti cannot stand night frost. When night frost is predicted, we postpone the order until the weather conditions allow you to send cacti. If you still want the cacti? You can contact us, and we will ship them at your own risk. We will pack them in aluminum foil and bubble plastic for temperature protection.

Return policy

For the return or recall of ordered products, we make a distinction between plants and other products, such as pots. Returning your plants is not possible because these products can spoil within the statutory 14-day cooling-off period. All our cacti, succulents and other plants are included. Because it cannot be guaranteed that these plants have been properly cared for by the buyer, they cannot be returned. Both at tour college nurseries and at a quality check is done on all the plants. We only deliver 100% quality products. If you believe that you have received a plant that does not meet the quality expectations, please contact us. We always provide a suitable solution.

Has your cactus contracted a disease? Will the cactus become less beautiful? Will the cactus die completely? There is a good chance that your cactus is not in the right place or does not get the right amount of water. In most cases this can be traced back to the care. Therefore, contact if you see anything strange about your cactus. In many cases we can advise you, so that you can fully enjoy your cactus afterwards.

Other products can be returned within 14 days cooling-off period. However, you must first contact us by email within the 14-day cooling-off period | We can help you with the return instructions, address and shipping labels

You have another 14 days after this notification to return the product. If you call on off your right of withdrawal, you must return the product with all supplied accessories and - if reasonably possible - in the original condition and packaging. You will then be credited with the full order amount, excluding shipping. The costs for return are for your own account. The amount due will be refunded within 14 days after registering your return, provided the product has already been received in good order by us. For more information about cancellation: General terms off 

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