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Hi! How nice that you found this page, this means that you want to take good care of your new plants, we love to see that!

Cacti and succulents are fortunately not very demanding. Nevertheless, there are a number of points that are important when looking after your new cactus or succulent. has prepared a simple care manual with a number of practical tips that make caring for cactus or succulent easy and joyful. Light, water and nutrition are three important points. If you do these three things right, your cactus or succulent will become your best friend and you will see that she really enjoys it with you! As you may have seen on the website, these three points are explain in the plant overview page. We have already made it easy for you and indicated the care needs for each cactus and succulent plant.


Cacti and succulents are generally light lovers. We therefore advise against a shady spot! Yet there are differences light needs per cactus or succulent. These are described at the bottom of the description of cactus or succulent. We at recommend placing the cactus in a light place in the house or outside. This can be by a window but also, for example, a table that receives a lot of natural light through a window. Some species feel best in the full sun. When this is stated in the description of the cactus it is best to place it at a sunny window or outside in the summer. Be careful with the cacti and succulents that you put outside. You need to let them get used to the sun first. If you put them outside on a warm day in the sun, they can burn. This is actually the same as when we sit on the beach all day on the first warm summer day without suncream



Cacti and succulents grow in places in nature with little natural rain fall. Rain cannot come for months and then suddenly there is a lot rainfall. Sometimes so much that they just wash away. This is (fortunately) different in our house, garden or greenhouse. For each cactus and succulent we have described the water needs. This also differs per season. In the summer your cactus or succulent will like it if you give her more water than in the winter. When you water a cactus or succulent plant, two things are of importance:

When the earth is still wet (this also applies to the earth at the bottom of the pot), you don't have to water the cactus or succulent yet.

Water in proportion to the size of your cactus or succulent. Cacti and succulents do not absorb more water than there body can storage. Part of the water you give evaporates and part is absorbed by the plant. If you give too much water, the soil remains moist for too long. A cactus and succulent does not like being in wet soil for a long time.



A cactus or succulent plant could grow and live without nutrition. In nature there is also nobody who gives them some nutrition. The have to do it with the available nutrition in the ground at that moment. But that does not mean that your cactus or succulent can appreciate a little nutrition now and then. We recommend feeding once a month during the growth period. We described this period for every cactus or succulent. has a fine nutrition where your plant will thrive on. You can order the nutrition from us at the accessories page or just click here. You can mix the nutrition with the water so that the cactus or succulent takes up the nutrition through its roots. We recommend feeding a maximum of 1x per month. Cacti and succulents do not like too much nutrition. This makes them look bloated.


When you order a cactus or succulent plant from us, it is standard in a plastic nursery pot. This means that it should not be repotted immediately. We understand, of course, that you sometimes have another pot at home where you would like to place your cactus or succulent plant in. has a number of useful tips for repotting your cacti and succulents.

Do not choose a pot that is too large. A cactus loves a pot that fits tight. You also increase the chance that your cactus or succulent plant will be too wet for a long time if you choose a pot that is too large.

Another important point is that you choose a well-drained soil. We at sell an optimally suitable soil for your cactus and succulent plants.

Do you put several cacti and succulents together? Then pay attention to whether the water needs are the same.

The soil where you put a cactus or succulent plant in should be well-drained and be able to absorb water. Normal potting soil is not always suitable for this. has prepared ready-made cactus and succulents soil for you including nutrients for the first year. The soil can be ordered at the accessories page or just click here.



After reading this manual and the necessary care tips you will now know how to take care of your new cactus and succulent plants. Your new cactus / succulent friends will appreciate this so you can love them for years to come.

Another nice fact, many types of cacti can get older than people. This means that with proper care of your cactus you have a friend for life. Nice isn't it?! So there is a story to every old cactus.

It's of course possible that you still have a question about the plant care or something that is not mentioned here. Feel free to contact us.

Cactus hug,

Bo & Chanel


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