Agave potatorum

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∞  Agave potatorum✈   Mexico
  Light / sunny ☂   One's per two weeks (once per two months in winter)
   20 cm (incl. pot)❀   Only when it dies. (yellow, green)
↔   21  cm   One's a month nutrition (from May till August) 
❆ Can not be outside  ⌂   Find your perfect pot
☉ Agave, Succulent✦   Agave potatorum, Butterfly Agave, Agave amoena, Agave auricantha, Agave elegans, Agave latifolia, Agave pulchra, Agave quadrata, Agave saundersii, Agave schnittspahnii, Agave scolymus, Agave verschaffeltii


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Specification Description
Potsize 10,5 cm
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