Opuntia Macrocentra

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∞  Opuntia Macrocentra✈   USA & Mexico
  Sunny☂   One's per two weeks (once a month in winter)
   7 cm (incl. pot)❀  Spring till Summer (yellow) 
↔  5,5 cm  One's a month nutrition (from May till August) 
❆ Can be outside in the winter⌂  Find your perfect pot
☉ Cactus, Opuntia✦  Golden spied prickly pear, Redeye prickly pear, Longspine prickly-pear, Longspine pricklypear, Long-spined prickly pear, Purple prickly pear, Purple-tinged prickly pear, Black-spine prickly pear, Black-spined prickly pear, Blackspine purple prickly pear, Prickly pear, Castetter pricklypear cactus, Castetter purple prickly pear, Long spined purplish prickly-pear, Violet prickly pear
Specification Description
Potsize 5,5 cm
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