Cactus and Succulent Nutrition 50 gram

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Cactus and succulent Nutrition

Do you want to give your cactus or succulent just a little extra? Then ihaveacactus has the ideal cactus and succulent nutrition for you. Benefits of the nutrition for your cacti and succulents are:

Supports cacti and succulents during growth. This makes them grow stronger, larger and fatter.

Gives your cactus and succulent just a little more energy during flowering. A flower in your cactus or succulent is of course very beautiful. But it also consumes a lot off energy from the cactus or succulent. 

 It reinforces the resistance of your cactus and or succulent. This makes it less susceptible to diseases, lice / parasites and fungi. It improves the soil quality and allows you to use your cactus and succulent earth for longer.

The cactus and succulent nutrition must be mixed with water and dissolves easily. Add 1 gram of cactus and succulent nutrition per liter of water.

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